2012-03-15 19:29


"SiriSports": Better than SiriNBA. Has support for NBA/MLB/NHL! Hopefully will have NFL support soon! Free in Cydia..

#iPhone #Siri #Cydia #Jailbreak #Sports

@omgitzyoduh I got Siri on my jailbroken phone but what proxy you use mines won't work without a proxy

@kynaovo easiest way is to get some o

@kynaovo someone who had a 4S to install "AssistantConnect" and for them to email you their file.lookup "AssistantConnect" for more details

@omgitzyoduh my friend has a 4s but what if her phone not jailbroken will it still work

No @kynaovo she needs to be Jailbroken also

@omgitzyoduh well can you email it to me ? Lol

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