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2012-02-29 00:22

So you want to kill yourself? Because no one cares about you. Your family hates you right? No. Your parents walking in your room in the morning only to find a dead body. Then they'll start shaking you. Why aren't you breathing? They'll be broken. Tears. Many tears. Pain. Every day. Every night. Every single second of every day. Guilt. More guilt. What about your best friends? They're not going to care. Right? No. Whats the first thing that will go through their mind when your principal comes in and tells the class that you're not alive? While your best friend sits there in tears. That girl that you'd smile at but never talk to? Shes now crying. The boy who used to kick you under the table just to annoy you? He'll be shocked. He'll be devastated. He'll blame himself. What about your teacher? Thoughts crossing her mind. She will question if you did it because she didn't make school comfortable enough for you. Pain. Devastation. All in one. Who organizes your funeral? Who has to go through your stuff? Clothes? Notes? Those few older girls who used to give you daggers at school? They'll feel regret. They'll blame themselves. See, if you killed yourself today, you'll never know what might have happened tomorrow. You'll never know because you're dead. Plain dead. Not breathing. Not alive. Just dead. Your family hates themselves for it. Your best friend then falls into deep depression. Tears. Tears. More tears than a river. All because you killed yourself because you thought no one would care right?

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I really love this, both the picture and the caption <3

@thestickfigureartist thank you so much ❀❀

That is so moving and powerful I just read it and it made me tear up

this picture and caption are both so powerful❀

I have been creeping on your insta and photoshoot sooooon Friday like in the day then spend the night maybee then yeahh

@allisonveras21 oh my goodness thank you so much ❀ @rredumbrella THANK YOU OH MY GOODNESS ❀

@kaitminnis YES! Hahaha I'll ask FORSURE

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