Jessica Merchant - @howsweeteats

2012-06-10 13:43

so sad to be leaving seattle. pretty in love with it.

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@stephsbitebybite they are black with hot pink soles... :)

@countrycleaver I am sad we didn't get to spend more time together! And that I was so blah last night! You are amazing.

@howsweeteats Next time it's you and me woman- we'll grab a drink. It was a lot of activity and chaos, I think everyone was burned out. Travel safe , fingers crossed to see you soon ☺

@howsweeteats for a second I thought they were hot pink toms! Almost died ;)

@stephsbitebybite oh I do have hot pink toms... lol.

Miss all you adorable girls already and I wasn't even in Seattle!!!! Loved experiencing the city through the HEARTS of my favorite FOODIES!

Move there someday!!!

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