Heather Mildenstein - @heathermildenstein

2012-06-28 20:30

@avictoriajohnson @pjfeinstein It's just the shake it app, and the great S4 iPhone camera. The shake it app looks the absolute best in good lighting, so if the original lighting is too dark it wont look great.

@heathmild what is the s4 iPhone camera? Is that different than the camera the iPhone comes with? I need to find some better lighting in my house!

Oh, the iPhone 4S? I just the iPhone 4, Jeremy has the iPhone 4s and never even uses the camera on it. Shame, shame... Might have to swap him phones!

@avictoriajohnson @pjfeinstein @heathmild she means she has an iPhone 4s.

@mattmildenstein @avictoriajohnson @pjfeinstein Hahah! Yeah, whatever that phone is! All I know is it's white. That's helpful, right? Jk!

@heathmild @mattmildenstein I think it's the iPhone 4S camera that makes the difference! That and the great lighting.

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