GOLD® Wheels - @goldwheels

2012-06-06 23:45

Internet Vandal Steven Fernandez GOLD™ ad! #goldwheels @babyscumbag1

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@chiefdewey so fucking what at least me and @babyscumbag1 don't have aids like you!

@tayls28 but your mom has it you dumb fuck talking about I bought 13 plan b boards nigga you got that off google shut yo lame ass up dick riding him

Your one to talk

@chiefdewey you dumb shit I have three elements

@tayls28 go look at what you posted and your shit correct you mongo pushing fag

Ok see ya later ya faggot! @chiefdewey

@tayls28 talk to me when you can kickflip bitch!

@chiefdewey I can

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