amanda livesay - @fakeginger

2012-06-14 02:04


Target didn't have unflavored. Hopefully this one is tasty!

Loove. Have you tried lemon lime? Thats the one I usually drink...peach sounds tasty though!

@clareberrycrunch I've only tried the plain and the coconut. I'm gonna get lemon lime next time!

Ooo peach pear?? Never seen! We always have lemon. ;-)

I don't like that flavor. The lime is my favorite. It's kind of like sprite.

@katrina_xx yeah, this one tastes like a beer. I'm sad that I have to drink 7 more.

I still need to find these! I keep forgetting

@katrinaskitchen get the coconut! It tastes like the beach! In a good way...

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