Scandalousbeauty - @erinbaynham

2012-05-08 14:26

Loving the quality and print of this #thewebster dress from @targetstyle! #targetstyle #target

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Nice to see a picture of you hair, it's fabulous!!!

LOL...the look on your face.

Girrrrl I can't get over your locs. I remember all those videos you would post venting frustration towards ur hair (pre-locs) and look at you now! Beautiful!

Love hair cant believe how long its gotten.

@urbansocialist @fauryn78 @tifny148 @starsnrockets11 Thank you! It's crazy how locs grow. I should have loc'd years ago!! : )

Wow your locs have grown. Its nice finding all my fave Yters on hurr :)

@ebonydivine Thank you so much!

The reflection of your beauty is awesome!!

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