Emerica - @emerica

2012-06-10 22:28

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans. @killerpizza @bakedmophead @andrew333 @internetfamous & Westgate.

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@emerica yal still signing at humidity?

Them funnel cakes will put you to sleep real talk

Fuckin awesome team!!!

Best skate team known to man, better than street league.

My homie brendan westgate

To bad you spelled his name wrong @blackjesus1103 its brandon westgate. And @rocksdead I totaly agree with you, 110%. Baker crew is a dream team.

Its my phone stupid auto correct these smart phones aren't so smart lol @devindalton32

I didn't think brandon was on insta @emerica yo if you guys are ever in the, toronto area lmk get together and have I such session

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