Donna Boykin - @donnaboykin

2012-05-15 02:30

#bird #eggs #iphone4s #nature #snapseed

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LOL @shantygram Yes, indeed they are!

Thanks! @morblarney

@tmcstone From what I have found online, Robin's eggs are all blue, not speckled like that. I'm still not certain what they are, but think they are pretty too. Wren's like to build nests in flower pots or around the patio furniture. Hope you get a photo of it so we can see!

Cardinal eggs, maybe?

Just googled them @emmyclark7 sure could be! This nest is at my mom's, maybe she will see the mama bird. Thanks!

@shantygram @tmcstone @emmyclark7 @morblarney I am pretty sure, with the help of a friend, these are Mockingbird eggs.

I am so glad you found out what they are!

They're so pretty ;)

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