djeddieone - @djeddieone

2012-05-30 18:55

Pan con pollo and pupusas that's how we get down brunch time

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It's ok I give it a 8. I tried they're pan con pollo but the juice was ok.. The pan con pollo from Mi Casita Salvadoreña on Vanowen is better

Try la nueva Fogata on roscoe and balboa

Oopps balboa and Sherman way

@djeddieone I haven't had that yet from there but I must. I like their empanadas though👍 I love my ranchito because of their salvi beers to not many liquors have them

@djeddieone omg! I used to live a block away from no casita salvadorena and it was bommmmmb. Idk if it was cuz I was pregnant but they fulfilled my cravings ALL the time! Lol

Love that place 

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