Kristen Doyle - @dineanddish

2012-02-17 15:06

Chat w/ @applebees Chef Shannon & Chef Jessica about menu & recipe development #behindthemenu

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@thisvalleylife and each plate is under 550 calories. Can't wait to try it later today!

Totally looks like you two right hands. ;)

How fun! Looks good. Oh I totally see the two right hands thing-optical illusion.

Any talk of gluten free developments?

@gfreejanelle That was a big part of the talk. They are working hard on developments & trying to get it done right!

That's awesome! I'm glad they want to take the time and do it right - so important. Looking forward to more information!

@gfreejanelle I was happy to hear that too!

@iambaker @piggiesandpaws Lol... It does! I have two left feet but not two right hands :)

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