Christina Lane ➡️DessertForTwo - @dessertfortwo

2012-06-03 15:48

Sunday morning with @oldmanlane1 :)

Yummy! I had no time for breakfast and lunch today. I managed to scarf a small bowl of cereal, a piece of cake for lunch, and some fast-food chicken bites for dinner.  So I'm pretty jealous of your homemade breakfast. 

@dessertfortwo I had to get up @ 5:30 to drop the hubs off at work so I could use the car, came back desperately tried to take a nap, owls were hooting too loudly, so I did a few things before I had to leave and drive to my friend's baptism for her daughters (i posted pics earlier). That fell over lunch time, and we hung out for hours, thus my piece of cake for lunch, and then I had to go pick up the hubs from work and we both were starved all day so we grabbed Whataburger on the way home. Needless to say we are both pooped. I am not a morning person so getting up @ 5:30 is HARD for me. Lol!

Your gallery has totally made me want to cook and eat something beautiful. Now

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