DEATH NYC - @death_nyc

2012-01-10 03:52

We are giving out free limited edition DEATHNYC stickers every-week to 3 lucky followers. All you have to do is LIKE our image and leave your thought, comments and your email address. We will give pick 3 lucky winners in random every-week!!! #DEATHNYC #sticker #StreetArt #NYC #NYCgraffiti #graffiti #mao #Brooklyngraffiti #deathisfree #deathvader#starwars#taipei #losangeles #LV Check out my art book project here: Purchase sticker here:

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Any chance that you can make a can that actually sprays vodka? ,

This is sick! Can't believe I never thought of it!

This is the 💩!!! Dope.

Lame idea.

So, who needs to go to the deathly hallows when you have this deathly vodka sprayer for a free death?

I missed this one. Where can I buy it? It's not on your website?

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