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2012-06-07 21:58
X-Pro II

6.7.12: "The 1990's" ... yeah I was always brilliant 👍 #beautifulsilencephotochallenge #june2012

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were you one of those crazy ESPN spelling bee freaks?

@illsellyoursoul LOLno. I

Kid that was smart but didn't walk around rubbing everyone's nose in it. Never made it to the ESPN level though...

I saw that viral ESPN video before it became viral live as it happened was just Wow. her eyeballs the moment she heard the word... and started screaming the letters... cray cray

@illsellyoursoul LMFAO yeah that was not me. I was really cool about it. Like it ain't no thang. I was a G.

@hillofbeens 💪

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