Ez Pudewa - @creaturecomforts

2012-06-06 19:40

It's almost 90 degrees outside, but it's still a great day for homemade soup. Yum!

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I'm like you, Ez. Any day is a good day for soup!

Isn't hot soup (and coffee, tea, etc.) supposed to cool you down? Or maybe that's just an old wives' tale...

I think I've heard that before too @redlinevintage

It's roasted tomato & red bell pepper (recipe on my blog) It's my fave! @juliedoan

Agreed @allthingsami

Any day is soup day as far as I am concerned! :-) Looks delish!

I love having soups in cups! Had 2 cups of tomato last night, despite the 45 celsius temperature!

It's nice to cuddle up in bed with hot soup and a movie

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