Chris Bruntlett - @modacitylife

2012-06-11 02:34

#Vancouver #WhitecapsFC win 3-1! Darren Mattocks with the brace!

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@dirtysanchez33 Apparently, he was trending on Twitter in Montreal today. Why they didn't draft him first overall, I will never understand! 😊

Wow! I can see my bro & I in this pic! Awesome game & great shot! @rschumann

That's awesome there loss is our gain and from what I've seen out of both players I'm glad we got MATTOCKS really was pulling for the caps to take him

I was there too:)

@oceanblue123 I am! And it was! Looking forward to Colorado on Saturday and NY on Wednesday!

Got my tickets for Saturday, section 242 EE :)

@fiddlepix Awesome! See you at the match! 😃

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