Chris Bruntlett - @modacitylife

2012-06-10 21:04
X-Pro II

#ItalianDay on #TheDrive: football, cannoli, and car-free goodness

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@m1i1k1e1 We're just letting the kids play at Granview Park, but I'll try and spot you on our way back up to Broadway!

@janimac @casualbaker Thanks guys!!! 😄😊😃

How is it? Do I get my ass out of the couch?🇮🇹

@mr_mbb Definitely! And if you're a meat-eater, they have TONS of food options! 😊

sad to miss it this year!!

@so_inkster There's always Car-Free Day next Sunday! I'll be volunteering at the Velopalooza booth and bike zoo! 😃

Been there but......very few things (almost zero) common to Italy!!!!! 😳

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