Chris Bruntlett - @modacitylife

2012-06-09 20:59

"To spend our days betting on three-legged horses with beautiful names." - Bohumil Hrabal

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Yay! We also spent a couple of quid betting on a few horses yesterday!! We came away about £3 up! 😃

@tilley364 Nice work! Etienne managed to "accidentally" win us $40, which bought us all a nice pizza dinner down the street! 😊

That is good work for one so young!! I don't really understand odds and all that so we go for pretty colours and funny names! Glad you had fun!

@tilley364 Ditto! Etienne liked number seven, so that's what we picked. We had no idea he was the biggest long shot in the race, nor did we know his name until later: "Mr. Victorious"!!!

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