Brett Detar - @brettdetar

2012-05-21 20:33

favorite animal. favorite instrument.

Oh my goodness he's my third favorite shar pei

#pedalsteel #guitar #dog #dogsofinstagram #sharpei #nashville #music #recording #recordingstudio #tennessee

Nice PSG.. Even nicer DOG

@forumydeer haha thank you! Only one is mine

@brettdetar do you play steel?

@yimmy_yames I wish I did. It's my favorite instrument on earth.

@brettdetar me too. I just started playing in may and I love it. I love practicing to "tried to hate the angels". That's some great steel!

@yimmy_yames thank ya! keep playing! :) that's all @davidakaye killing the tasteful steel on that song.

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