Su-yin - @breadetbutter

2012-06-18 14:52

Korean buckwheat noodles, shittake mushrooms, edamame.

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😍those noodles look luscious!

@foodieguide @mayatakespictures @boo_licious @antoniette714 Thank you! Was a nice simple meal. :)

@cuisineparadise Oh this wasn't the typical cold vinegary soup (which I usually make with beef stock, vinegar +/- kimchi broth).. Today's was a vegetarian version, with vege stock and lots of white pepper! I think your Korean cooking is a lot more keng compared to me, I must learn from you I think!

@micicuta It was a good meal :)

@justcooknyc Thanks Justin. Love being able to take photos in natural light!

That looks absolutely AMAZING!!

@_nettie_ You're too kind (as you always are)! Thank you.

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