Jess Allen - @blondeponytail

2012-06-14 01:44

Yes! Trying @nuunhydration All Day for the first time! #nuunhtc #fitfluential

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@kcriemer I know!! Excited!

My 7 year old loves it. I gave him the order I placed when it released.

What's the all day about? I love nuun but haven't heard of this kind and flavors ;) yummmm

I got mine too. Cant wait to try

@angryjulie it doesn't have as many electrolytes as original nuun so u can sip it all day! 😝

Oops! @amandadaley that was 4 u! Sorry @angryjulie 😁

*tangerine lime is like the best thing I have ever had!!

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