Jess Allen - @blondeponytail

2012-06-13 22:24

How I start my day. @gnclivewell Pro-Sculpt #fitfluential #livewellnow #crossfitgnc

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@janeeetha if u drink it fast ur boobs get bigger! (does that help the taste? Ha!!)

Lmao I flipping love u

@janeeetha 😜 wouldn't THAT be the drink-o-choice! 🍻

@janeeetha @ash_and_diz @samantha_themoreirun @blondeponytail GNC now has blue raspberry flavor! Has anyone tried?? The fruit punch is slowly getting better...

@awalunas I haven't yet! But want to!!

@awalunas I haven't tried it yet. I wonder if they have samples of it. I know they have single serving packs of the fruit punch.

Good idea @ash_and_diz I'll look for one!

Blue raspberry?! Can't wait to try it!

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