Jess Allen - @blondeponytail

2012-06-09 22:27

I think I dress like a ninja too much! #fitfluential #livewellnow #PROOF

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I agree w/ @janeeetha you can never have too much ninja...or cowbell

@janeeetha good call. @cattbowen ha! 😝 fact: Ninjas & cowbells should be in excess!

@jesjuprun me too! We wear all BLACK cuz we're having funeral 4 our fat cells! 😝

Too much?!? NONSENSE! Ninjas rock 👍😜😉💗

So I think we need to have an official #FitFluential #ninja workout day. @blondeponytail up to cohost? Let's do this! Ninjas rock ;-)

@vblean oh u know it girl! #ninja power!

@blondeponytail killer! #FitFluentialNinja day in the making!

@vblean yesssss!

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