Bev Weidner - @bevcooks

2012-06-06 20:11

Seattle weather is so going to point its finger and laugh at me.

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All those shoes better stay there... no closed toes for me!

Oh they are staying. I'm protesting. @howsweeteats

When do you get in??? I haven't even started to pack. Or even think about it. Ouu

@howsweeteats and I land at 11:45 in the morning. @eatliverun is right behind us! You? @mountainmamacooks

You are going to have some wet toes.

Super cute shoes! Jealous. :)

All I am bringing is sandals and flip flops. Oh well rain!!!

Oh girl, it's super chilly & slick there right now. You should bring a few layers & one pair of sneaks.

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