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2012-05-15 20:21

Win this vintage tutu from 1940! Go to

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@youmeandhim ebay is the best. I always look for lots because you always end up getting a bunch of stuff for cheap. What size jacket r u looking for?

@babiekinsmag really? Good to know! As for size, my son is a size 2, but as long as its not smaller, I figure that he can grow into it. It won't take long...he's growing like a weed! Are there any specific vendors that you can recommend? I've been burned a few times now 😔

@youmeandhim humm... Ive never had a problem on ebay especially because paypal backs u up if u have a problem with a seller. I also love flea markets and thrift stores. A good person also to check on is @3ringcircus because she has an amazing eye + always has the best stuff. She is also Babiekins favorite stylist :)

@babiekinsmag We have something in common, I love @3ringcircus too 😊 I either waited too long to get my money back(my fault), or the item was not as described, but I kept due to the hassle in sending it back. I also love your mag!!! You have a great stylist❤

@youmeandhim well im always on the look out for props so if u are looking for anything let me know and ill keep my eyes peeled!

@babiekinsmag I'm looking for baby chaps, and cowboy boots, LOL

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