angeliki jackson - @astrodub

2012-06-20 02:10

Another work in progress. I finally found a use for this rusty hubcap I found years ago!

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It's a shame we don't see stuff like this in the uk! I'd rather have this kind if art floating around than spray painters saying they stole people's shoes. Art should have a reason :) not just because you can. It's the ideas behind it that matter.

@macylynn yes it is. Abd it is currently on exhibit at Crest Hardware

@lil_gemlove I'll take that as a complement. There are some really great artists out there in the UK.

Oh it is :) there are some good artists but not alot of them use things that others would class as junk to make beautiful things :) unless you count the man who made a collage with bottle tops n still to this day nobody knows what it's meant to be haha. I don't know really I just don't see things here that often that actually catch my eye.

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