Ashley Sloan - @ashleysloan7

2012-06-14 03:37

#29weeks 2 days #prego #pregnant #pregnancy #babybump #maternity #babyboy

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Aw Congrats. When are you due?

I wish I looked this good when I was preggo with my son!! You are too cute

You are so so beautiful ash!

Ash, hi. I'm following you coz I'm pregnant as well. 16 weeks. I love to see your pics, you look gorgeous! Congrats !! Can I ask you something? How about your weight? I'm too scare about that. In only 16 weeks - nearly 5kg more :(

@yourmyrocknroll Aug. 27 with a boy!!!

@brittney_lace -Your too sweet! Thanks @ashippy

Mine is aug 24 with a boy*

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