Ashley Sloan - @ashleysloan7

2012-06-04 19:52

Only in #alabama ! My phone got a little too hot & I've never seen this warning before! #iphone

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Yeah happens to me at the beach!

Happens here in AZ all the time!

That happened to Colton's phone last week! Took an hour or so for it to cool down. Still works perfectly, though:)

Totally had that happen last summer while picking berries. Freaked me out. Lol

You're in AL? Haha if you think it's hot here, try Louisiana. When I went home I had a hard time breathing!

Happened to me in Florida! I was so scared a first until I read it! Haha

I've had it a few times in Houston. Keep it out if the sun. :)

Yeah I left it out by the pool in the direct sunlight and I got the warning!

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