Monica - @angrylittlestella

2011-09-27 21:02

Thank God for blessing me much more than I deserve!!!

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Hello! I have been following you for quiet some time now and I absolutely love your work! Your pictures flow together perfectly and I was wondering if you might share what some of your favorite filter apps are.. I'd appreciate it a ton! 

@miladysantos Hey there! Thank you so much! Well, I don't use many filters... Mostly I use Camera+ to either give more saturation or add clarity to my photos! Now I've been giving Pixlromatic a shot... I like a couple of filters and their borders!

@miladysantos Hope I helped! Thanks again! 😘😘

@angrylittlestella yes you did! Thanks so much for the advice! Id have to say your stream is one of my favorites 

@miladysantos Thank you dear!!!! Oh I forgot to mention my love for Hipstamatic!!! The best photo app ever... Have u heard of it?


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