abeachcottage - @abeachcottage

2012-06-23 06:16

#photoadayjune Barls and I moving out to the Summer House for the Arvo

Ooooh it's toasty warm out here. Decided to come out here to do some photo editing. Now I am in here thought it's looking mighty comfy to snuggle up and have a snooze. So pleased with this room. It's not perfect but just nice. Peaceful

I'm coming over- be there in a min- put the kettle on!😉

Love the rug where's it from?

I love your scarf ... well, this and I think that all who have shown us!;-))))

@thearchitourist already in pot!

@malys its from ikea x

@cotonetlavande thanks :)

Thanks may need to do a trip it's beautiful

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